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Acquisition Criteria

Below is a list of general criteria that we look for in our target companies:

(subject to change)

Product/Industry Categories:

  • Cyber-security:  Antivirus, VPN, Encryption, Privacy and Identity Protection products and services

  • Education: services, platforms, technology solutions

  • Ad-Tech:  ad networks, ad serving and analytics, affiliate networks

  • Compliance Platforms:  GDPR, quality control

  • CRM:  sales, customer life-cycle management

  • Billing:  credit card processing, retention enhancement, SaaS billing


General Requirements:

  • Minimum yearly TTM Cash EBITDA of U$1.5m (up to U$15m)

  • Can be located anywhere in the world:  prefer US/Europe

  • Growing or flat – in terms of revenue (we will look at declining revenue businesses if unit economics are acceptable to our criteria)



Above information is not a solicitation to purchase any assets or securities.  No statements on this site represent any potential valuation or promise to conduct or complete any financial transaction. 

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